Texas Is Open And Governor Greg Abbott Says State Has Fewest Coronavirus Fatalities Since March

Greg Abbott, the Republican Governor of Texas, has reopened the state and things are going well there.
He says that their Coronavirus death rate is way down, and so is their hospitalization rate.
FOX News reports:
Abbott says Texas has fewest coronavirus fatalities since March, fewest hospitalizations since April
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced that Memorial Day marked the day that his state had the lowest number of coronavirus-related fatalities since March and the lowest number of hospitalizations from the disease since April.
“Today Texas had the fewest #COVID19 fatalities since the end of March,” the Republican governor tweeted late Monday evening. “We also had the fewest COVID hospitalizations since the middle of April. And, we have the 2nd most recoveries from COVID in America.”
Overall the state has had more than 54,500 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and over 1,506 deaths from the virus as of Tuesday afternoon.
Texas last week began reporting the number of antibody tests used within overall test results. Health officials had been combining the number of antibody tests with viral tests, which public health experts have said could make for impressive testing totals but does not give a true picture of how the virus is spreading.
Antibody tests show a past infection, while viral tests show active infections. According to data released Thursday, of the 800,433 tests overall in Texas, at least 49,300 were antibody tests. 
See Abbott’s tweets below:
Good for Texas and good for Greg Abbott.
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