Trees in Front Yard of House in Beverly Hills on Fire After Rioters Loot and Deface Luxury Stores on Rodeo Drive (VIDEO)

This wasn’t supposed to happen.
Trees in the front yard of a Beverly Hills home caught fire Saturday night.
Earlier Saturday evening, Black Lives Matter protesters made their way to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
Rodeo Drive is a 2-mile long street filled with luxury retail stores such as Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Cartier and fine dining restaurants.
Celebrities and champagne liberals who live in Los Angeles love shopping on Rodeo Drive.
The rioters looted a Gucci store and defaced high-end shops with graffiti on Saturday afternoon.
They were chanting, “eat the rich!” as they marched down Rodeo Drive.
Did the protesters make their way to the luxury homes in Beverly Hills and start a fire?

BREAKING: We just came across a house in Beverly Hills that had the trees in its front yard all catch fire. I do not know what caused it but police and fire are responding here now. @FOXLA
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