Trey Gowdy Drops a Bombshell: Obama Admin Also Unmasked President Trump's Family

Former Congressman Trey Gowdy just dropped a bombshell about Obama administration unmasking requests during an interview on the Fox News channel.
Gowdy claimed that the Obama administration also unmasked President Trump’s family during and after the 2016 campaign.
Host Sandra Smith asked Gowdy what reforms were needed after the recent disclosures in the Michael Flynn case.
“That we need some serious reforms to our surveillance programs. If you can have this number of people request that an American citizen’s name be unmasked, I mean that’s a really big deal,” Gowdy said.
“We have surveillance programs that allow collection on American citizens, you are supposed to safeguard their identity.”
Gowdy then dropped his bombshell, “But Sandra, it’s not just Michael Flynn. Those in unmasking request made the morning of the inauguration. The morning of the inauguration. President Trump’s family members’ names were unmasked.”
“So that needs to be reformed, but you also have a really nice witness list to start investigating the leak of classified information. And I would be curious how many people on this unmasking list have been interviewed by the FBI over the leak.”
The conversation then shifted to Joe Biden and the need to disclose how often Biden’s office made unmasking requests. Was it a routine thing, or was it a one time thing on January 12, 2017?
Watch via Fox News:
Couple of things.
First that was quite the bombshell claim. If the Obama administration was indeed spying on members of President Trump’s family that is a HUGE deal.
It would have been such a brazen move, to intentionally spy on, disrupt and kneecap an incoming presidential administration AND spy on the president’s family, that if there is no serious consequences for those involved just imagine what they’ll be emboldened to do next time.
The other interesting part, is why did Sandra Smith just let Gowdy’s claim drop? Why not probe a bit more about this, given what a big deal it is, if true?
If former Obama administration officials are allowed to get away with what they did to President Trump then it is truly the end of our republic and the great American experiment in self-rule.
It’s won’t end immediately of course, but it will only be a matter of time.
Once the people believe their are two standards of justice, and that one party can get away with anything, then all faith in the rule of law and fair elections is lost.
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