Video: UPS Driver Stops What He's Doing To Fix American Flag Tangled in Wind

Delivery drivers are more important now than ever. Customers who order things online are always anxious to get that UPS, FedEx or Amazon Prime delivery — but now, with so many people at home, those trucks passing by the house cause quite a bit of excitement.
For the employees out in the trucks, though, things have been a bit more chaotic, and they’ve had to be extra careful while making deliveries.
Some people have thanked their delivery drivers with acts of kindness, providing them with snacks. More recently, recipients have shown their gratitude with offerings of toilet paper and hand sanitizer.
One thankful mom has put a note on her front door for delivery drivers to read when they dropped off packages.
“Hi!” the handwritten note began. “Thank you for delivering our packages to us. We have an immunocompromised baby and online deliveries are essential to her health. You are helping to keep our daughter ALIVE and well.
“We are grateful to all who are on the front lines delivering to our family. Much Thanks – The Bays’ Family.”

But recently, a homeowner in Adair, Oklahoma, discovered her deliveryman going above and beyond. Chelsie Root Ashley caught the scene on her porch camera and shared it online.
“The hero of today is my UPS driver!!” she posted on Facebook on Friday. “My USA flag was rolled up so he stopped and fixed it before he left. Happy Memorial Weekend!!!!”
The video shows the delivery man carrying a large box to the front door, setting it down and ringing the doorbell.
On his way out, he paused at the edge of the porch to take the flag down from its perch, unwind the tangled fabric and set it back to wave boldly in the breeze.

“I’m so glad I caught it and was able to share it!!” she wrote in the comments.
In another comment, Ashley shared that the man’s name was Trent and she was happy he was getting some recognition for his act of kindness.
“He didn’t know anyone was watching him, but he just did it just to do it,” she told KOKI-TV in Tulsa.
“I thought it was so cool what he was doing when no one was looking.”
The gesture was small but meaningful and incredibly timely with Memorial Day just around the corner. Sometimes it’s those little things we take time to do for others that really make their day.
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