WATCH: Tucker Carlson BLASTS Nancy Pelosi For Including Taxpayer-Funded Payments For Illegal Aliens In Her Proposed Coronavirus Relief Bill

Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealed a $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill that sneaks in taxpayer funding to hand out up to $1,200 in cash directly to undocumented aliens who don’t have a valid social security number.
Fox News’s Tucker Carlson reported, “This bill goes out of its way to supply illegal immigrants who, in case you needed to be reminded, have no right to be here in the first place with billions in taxpayer dollars.”
Carlson continued, “According to House Democrats, illegal immigrants must have a right to have the $1,200 checks that American citizens received in the last bill. They would also receive the same direct payments as American citizens going forward. So in effect, it’s a huge payoff for the Democratic Party’s most cherished constituency, a group that’s not even allowed to be here.”
The bill includes language that will shield undocumented aliens from being deported due to working in so-called “essential” services.
Carlson explained, “The bill contains an amnesty provision. For the duration of the coronavirus crisis – that’s something they’d like to see extended a very long time – all illegal immigrants employed in so-called ‘essential services’ would be shielded from deportation and their employers would be shielded too. People who hire illegal aliens could not be prosecuted. This is a blanket amnesty for virtually every illegal alien who has already taken an American job.”
Republican Congressman Jim Banks of Indiana slammed Pelosi for crafting the bill without any input from any Republican representatives. Banks described Pelosi’s bill as a “grab bag” for liberal special interests.
“At the end of the day, this is a Democrat ‘grab bag’, special-interest giveaway to their base supporters. Not a single Republican had any input at all into this massive spending deal and that should tell you everything you need to know,” Banks lambasted.
Congressman Banks pointed out that Pelosi’s bill bails out Planned Parenthood’s abortion services and provides $3.5 billion to fund mail-in-ballot elections.
Pelosi’s bill will disproportionately benefit Democrat blue states by forcing fiscally responsible Republican-led states to foot the bill to bail them out.
“If you didn’t think it was bad enough that they slipped free cash for illegal immigrants into this bill, then keep reading,” said Rep. Banks. “I mean, on – you go on and on. This bill overturns some of the restrictions on the former bills to allow for bailouts to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider. It bails out the U.S. Postal Service with 25 billion dollars. It gives 3.6 billion dollars to states to help states do all mail-in ballots, which are designed to help Democrats on Election Day rather than maintain fair elections nationally. You could imagine going into this election in November, that’s exactly what Democrats want to do. They want to tilt this election in their favor. So you keep reading through this bill and you find that it gets worse and worse and worse.”
Congressman Banks continued, “And in this case, in this bill that Pelosi put on the floor today that we’re going to vote on Friday, it bails out blue states like Illinois and forces taxpayers in fiscally responsible, responsible states like Indiana to pay for it. And that’s just shameful. It’s wrong. This bill is designed to help Democrats and to give bailouts to blue states. And I can’t imagine that any Republican is going to vote for it when it comes to a vote on Friday.”
Under the Pelosi bill, there will be no funds directed towards the Paycheck Protection Program, which provides forgivable loans to small businesses to stay afloat.
Senator John Barasso (R-Wyoming) weighed in, telling Fox News, “[Pelosi] says this is focused on Coronavirus. This is direct payments to illegal immigrants, but yet includes absolutely not a dime, not a dime for the Paycheck Protection Program, which has been so successful. 11,000 small businesses in Wyoming have taken part of that. Additionally, she wants to work to help release prisoners from ICE facilities, but provides no protection for the small businesses, the mom and pop businesses, that are afraid of being sued when they open again because of the sue and settle lawyers. I mean, that is the problem. This is all done with taxpayer dollars. What we need to do, and I believe we may need to do more, needs to be targeted and temporary and focused on the Coronavirus, the economic as well as the medical side of it.”
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