WTH? Restaurant in Maryland to Use ‘Bumper Tables’ to Keep Customers Six Feet Apart (VIDEO)

Fish Tales restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland will use bumper tables to keep patrons six feet apart once it begins to allow in-person dining.
This might be the stupidest thing we’ve seen yet.
The Salisbury Daily Times reported:
It’s the creative concept that an Ocean City restaurant unveiled over the weekend to keep patrons at least six feet apart once the governor gives the OK for restaurants and bars to reopen.
Shaped like oversized inner tubes, the tables were custom made for Fish Tales, where employees rolled them out of a large box truck for their Facebook live debut over the weekend.
“It’s like a bumper boat, but it’s actually a table,” owner Shawn Harmon said of the design, which was developed by Revolution Event Design and Production in Baltimore.
A customer will stand in the center of the circular table surrounded by a rubber barrier that keeps them safely separated from other patrons in accordance with social distancing guidelines. The tables sit on wheels that allow them to stay mobile.
The 6 feet of ‘social distancing’ doesn’t work because the Coronavirus sits on surfaces.
So this restaurant will place people in germ-infested bumper tables instead of just seating them at regular tables.
Genius idea.

This restaurant in Maryland intends to use bumper tables to keep customers six feet apart once it begins to take seated diners.
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