Anti-Trumpers Try To Cancel Dominos Over 2012 Tweet To Kayleigh McEnany, Get CRUSHED

Some of President Donald Trump’s top critics tried to “cancel” pizza chain Dominos over a 2012 tweet thanking now- White House Press Secretary (then-cable news commentator), Kayleigh McEnany, for a compliment, but the effort didn’t quite go as planned. Not only did Trump’s supporters push back, but the pizza chain itself got involved, striking a body blow on self-described “Never-Trumper” Rick Wilson.
Late Monday, Wilson somehow dug up a 2012 tweet from Dominos thanking McEnany for a high compliment — a response after McEnany told Dominos she preferred their pizza to New York City pizza.
Wilson implied that Dominos had “killed their brand” by responding favorably to a Trump aide, adding the hashtag #ETTD, “Everything Trump Touches Dies,” a reference to Wilson’s best-selling book.
Social media users — and particularly Trump supporters — were quick to point out that the tweet was from 2012, nearly a decade ago, when McEnany was fresh out of college and still a budding conservative commentator. In 2012, Donald Trump, who now employs McEnany as the head of his media relations department, had only briefly entertained a presidential run. He wouldn’t pursue his White House ambitions in any meaningful way until 2015.
Yet, somehow, the tweet was supposed to reveal Dominos’ biases and result in major damage to the pizza chain’s brand.
“My God. What kind of loser searches the tweets of a PIZZA PLACE looking for something ‘problematic,’ finds a polite tweet thanking Trump’s current spox for a compliment she made EIGHT YEARS AGO, and thinks that’s worth siccing an online hate mob against them?” one writer tweeted.
“They killed it 8 years ago? Dude, c’mon,” added commentator Dana Loesch.
“Guys, that’s from 2012,” another Twitter user pointed out.
“There is nothing that has more 2020 energy than Dominoes getting dragged for this innocent 8-year-old reply to Kayleigh McEnany,” added Greg Price.
Although a handful of Trump critics joined in the “canceling,” more than a few so-called Never Trumpers were skeptical of the need to attack a pizza chain over a nearly ten-year-old compliment.
“Rick, much respect for you, but holding  @Dominos to account for saying Thank You 8 years ago to a hyperbolic compliment is a bit much, don’t you think?” one pointed out.
The real pain, though, was reserved for Tuesday, when the brand itself responded, striking a body blow.
“Welp. It’s unfortunate that thanking a customer for a compliment back in 2012 would be viewed as political. Guess that’s 2020 for you,” Dominos quipped.

Although that is likely the last word on the pizza cancelation controversy, Trump supporters and other conservative commentators have doubled down on Wilson, dredging up some of his tweets from earlier years before he became a top voice in the Never Trump movement. Among them, criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement and 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.
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