BREAKING: Police Fire Less Lethal Rounds Towards Violent ‘Protesters’ Harassing Trump Supporters As They Leave Rally (VIDEO)

Tulsa Police fired less lethal rounds at “protesters” who have been harassing President Donald Trump’s supporters that were attempting to leave his rally on Saturday night.

The Black Lives Matter “protesters” have been impeding the exit of Trump supporters from the area since the rally ended.

The rounds seem to be pepper balls, as they were shot towards the ground and the crowd is heard coughing towards the end of the video.
The mob was blocking multiple streets and harassing drivers.
A truck that attempted to leave the rally area tapped a bike that someone had in the road after his car was pelted with bottles, he also reportedly deployed mace as he attempted to get through the crowd. Reporters declared that he had “hit a protester” and blamed him for being on the road during the protest. Video of the incident also shows him being followed by a truck with an Antifa flag as he drove off.
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