“Don’t Threaten Our Cops!” – All-White Armed Vigilante Groups Are Out Patrolling Streets of Fishtown in Philly (VIDEO)

After several nights of lawlessness and looting in cities across America by Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists Americans are scared and fed up.
The Democrat leaders in city after city have failed in their responsibilities to keep the peace.
An NPR reporter was bloodied this weekend.
Criminals and thugs rule the streets.
On Monday night President Trump promised Americans he will call in the US military if Democrat governors and mayors continue to fail.
In the meantime, all-white vigilante groups are patrolling the streets in Philadelphia’s Fishtown.
Hat Tip Cernovich–
There are now two all white armed vigilante groups roaming Fishtown with the blessing of the @phillypolice
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this is just insane: there’s a curfew in philly right now, and there’s a gang of white people with bats and other weapons roving around fishtown. the police kindly asked them to disperse and then arrested a black person who had a bat thrown at him.
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“Don’t threaten our cops!”

Fishtown residents (some armed with bats) are telling a group on the other side of the street “don’t threaten our cops!” Both groups are identifying themselves as fishtown residents, but one group is armed. @6abc
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