FIRE Breaks Out Near Antifa-stan – Protesters Forced to Call Fire Department to Save CHAZ

A fire broke out in Antifa-stan this week.
The CHAZ community was forced to call the fire department to save their nation state.
Western Journal reported:
Over the past week, multiple blocks of the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle have been occupied by anti-police protesters.
These vagabonds, social misfits and apparently otherwise unskilled people have declared the area as independent from the United States, and they are calling it the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” or CHAZ for short…
…But the anti-American and ironically anti-law enforcement region has no fire department.
It must be hard going out on your own, because the self-appointed leaders of this autonomous area seemed unprepared to handle a curve ball which was thrown at them this week.
A dumpster fire struck near the CHAZ border Wednesday night, and demonstrators were reportedly forced to take drastic measures: They apparently had to seek international aide by calling Seattle’s fire department.

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