He Teaches Social Studies: Suspect Who Vandalized Columbus Statue in Rhode Island is Elementary Teacher

Social Studies Derrick Garforth
A social studies teacher in Rhode Island vandalized a Christopher Columbus statue last weekend.
Officers watched Derrick Garforth throw paint on the boarded up monument.
Leftists believe Columbus is evil for discovering the New World in 1492.
It makes you wonder what the angry felon was teaching the kids at school.
ABC6 reported:
One of the suspects involved in vandalism at the Christopher Columbus statue in Elmwood Avenue is a teacher at Pawtucket Public Schools who is now out on leave pending an investigation, according to the superintendent.
Derrick Garforth, 34, was charged with desecration of grave/monument, which is a felony.
Superintendent of the Pawtucket School Department, Dr. Cheryl McWilliams, told ABC6 News, “I have just learned about this and the School Department is investigating it.”
Around 1:30 a.m., on Saturday morning detectives noticed a man and woman getting out of a car and running across Elmwood Avenue towards Columbus square. The two began to splatter paint on the boarded up monument, according to police.
Both then fled across Elmwood Avenue towards Lexington Avenue.
Detectives saw both suspects enter the rear lot of the Feinstein School heading towards Ontario St. Detectives quickly drove to Ontario Street and were able to catch up to both suspects as they exited the lot.
Derrick Garforth, 34, and Charlotte Whittingham, 28, were both arrested.

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