Hypocrite Governor Gretchen Whitmer Keeps Business in Lockdown — Encourages Leftists to Protest in the Streets, Joins Them! (VIDEO)

Gretchen Whitmer chants “Hands up, Don’t shoot” at Michigan protest.
You just can’t make this up!
Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer continues to prove herself to be the greatest hypocrite in the nation.
Whitmer still has the state in lockdown and businesses shut down while she goes out and marches with Black Lives Matter protesters.
But at the same time she is encouraging leftists to protest in the streets!
To those who have taken to the streets to peacefully protest the structural inequities Black Americans face every day - I’m with you.

Tonight, I urge you to stay home and stay safe. Tomorrow, find a peaceful protest to join and make your voice heard.
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The biggest hypocrite of the day goes to @GovWhitmer, who violated her own social distancing guidelines at a protest march after telling the state that protesting would bring a surge of the virus.

It's time to FULLY open the state!!!
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This is Gretchen Whitmer.
She threw Michigan residents in jail and stripped them of their livelihoods if they did not “social distance.”
She called a group of peaceful protesters “terrorists.”
In case you were still wondering if the lockdowns were a vicious hoax to hurt Americans
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