Rioting Protesters Torch Atlanta Wendy’s Where Black Man Was Shot and Killed by Police

Rioting protesters set fire to an Atlanta Wendy’s Saturday night. The fast food restaurant was the scene of the deadly police shooting Friday night of a black man, 27-years-old Rayshard Brooks, as he resisted and fled from arrest with a Taser he stole from an officer. Brooks, who was being arrested after being found passed out at the wheel of a car in line at the Wendy’s drive-thru and allegedly failed a field sobriety test, was shot by police when he turned and aimed the stolen Taser at an officer as he fled.
Atlanta police Chief Erika Shields resigned Saturday afternoon over the shooting.
Long view:
Close-up view:
Protesters had earlier smashed window at the Wendy’s and tossed “fireworsk” inside.
Protesters are breaking the windows of the Wendy’s that Rayshard Brooks was shot at. @ajc
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There goes @Wendys on University Ave.

I had to step away for my own safety but here is a look at rioters right before they lit a firework in the Wendy's where shot and killed @FOX5Atlanta
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Protesters also set a bush ablaze:
Videos from Friday night shooting:
GBI released video that shows the moment Rayshard Brooks was shot and killed by an Atlanta Police officer at a Wendys on University Ave last night. Police say Brooks had taken an officer's taser and pointed it at the officer as he ran.
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Update: Protest tomorrow at Centennial Olympic Park in Downtown Atlanta at 3 PM. This the result of Atlanta Police shooting & killing an unarmed black man as a result of a traffic stop tonight. Saturday, June 13th, 3PM!!!!
Update: Trigger Warning — Atlanta Police killed a man on University & Pryor Rd at Wendy's. Apparently, it was a traffic stop & he was DUI. He was shot 3 times in the back. SMH!
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Fire at Wendy's on University Ave in southwest Atlanta raging. A night to remember in Atlanta: Rayshard Brooks shot by an officer, the chief of Atlanta police resigned, and protesters stormed the interstate. Now, fire.
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