Security Guards Assaulted As Looters Hit Bellevue, WA, Home Of Microsoft; Police Close Freeways

Rioters/looters hit Bellevue, Washington on Sunday, just east of Seattle. Bellevue is home to Microsoft and Amazon. Security guards at a mall were reportedly assaulted, one hit with a tire iron, as the rioters stormed stores and helped themselves to the merchandise.
: Bellevue declares a civil emergency, enacted a curfew (underway).

Two security officers attacked, one with a tire iron hit over the head, in Bellevue. Looters broke into the Men's Warehouse and Macy's at Bellevue Square. Nearby at the Bravern there was looting too
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KOMO news is confirming on their live feed that the security guards were assaulted.
Fire warning alarm going off at Lincoln Square North (no signs of anything off). Things otherwise peaceful here.
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The rioters stormed a mall and started looting inside:
Meanwhile the looters exited in a fairly calm manner:

6:03pm – All I-405 ramps to downtown Bellevue are closed due to the protest, according to the Washington State Patrol.
I-5 closure info: I-5 is closed from I-90 to SR 520. WB 90 diverted to SB 5. NB 5 diverted to EB 90. WB 520 diverted to NB 5. SB 5 diverted to EB 520. Avoid the area..
5:55pm – At least a dozen people broke in Bellevue Square and looted. The City of Bellevue says police officers entered the mall and chased people out.
“The situation in Bellevue is still active and we need people to avoid the downtown area,” the city tweeted.
4:37pm – Washington State Patrol is shutting down I-5 through downtown Seattle due to protesting. It’s also sending resources to Bellevue.
4:27pm – The city of Bellevue is pleading with people to stay out of downtown as rioters move through downtown.
Some people are breaking windows and destroying property. The city says they’re throwing objects at police officers.
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