Sidney Powell Files Scathing Response to Shadow Prosecutor John Gleeson’s Amicus Brief, It’s a ‘Wrap-Up Smear’

General Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell on Wednesday filed a scathing response to shadow prosecutor John Gleeson’s amicus brief.
Recall, Judge Emmet Sullivan’s “shadow prosecutor” John Gleeson filed his brief last week.
Gleeson called the DOJ’s dismissal of General Flynn “pretextual” and “a gross abuse of prosecutorial power.”
Sara Carter reported
Sidney Powell, the defense attorney for Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, filed a scathing response in the court Wednesday against federal Judge John Gleeson’s amicus brief, which asked the court to reject the Justice Departments request to drop all charges against Flynn. Powell’s motion is powerful and contains a lengthy time-line revealing the stunning evidence discovered by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, as well as, the litany of new evidence uncovered by U.S. Attorney Jeffery Jensen, who was appointed by the Justice Department to conduct an independent review of Flynn’s case.
Powell argues in her brief that the “irony and sheer duplicity” of Gleeson’s accusations “against the Justice Department now—which is finally exposing the truth—is stunning.”
Powell also pointed out in her filing Wednesday that Gleeson’s filing on behalf of Sullivan is a “wrap-up smear” against Flynn.
“It demonstrates the difference between a Department of Prosecutions and a Department of Justice,” Powell argues in her conclusion regarding Gleeson’s amicus. “It shows how the Department of Justice, as the government’s representative in every federal criminal case, has the power to walk into courtrooms and ask judges to remedy injustices. For these reasons and those stated in our other briefs, the only lawful action this court can take is to dismiss the case with prejudice on the Government’s motion and vacate the plea.”
The Justice Department dropped its case against General Mike Flynn last month after bombshell documents were released that proved Flynn was framed by Comey’s FBI.
But the Clinton-appointed Judge Emmet Sullivan made a dirty, political move to delay justice for Flynn.
US Attorney General Bill Barr recently blasted rogue Judge Emmet Sullivan for targeting Flynn with a shadow prosecutor during a sit-down interview with Fox News anchor Bret Baier.
Barr blasted Sullivan and said it’s up to the executive branch to prosecute, calling judge Gleeson an “alternative prosecutor.”
“The argument is that it’s always been understood that decisions whether to pursue an individual through the prosecution process or to hold them criminally accountable is vested in the executive branch and not the courts — and he is, in our view, essentially trying to set himself up as an alternative prosecutor,” said Barr.
The US Government also responded to Gleeson’s amicus brief on Wednesday and said “his position lacks sound basis in the Constitution.”
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