‘Total Chaos’ Outside Trump Rally as Protesters Take Over Boulder Ave, National Guard Moves In

One America News reporter Jack Posobiec is describing the scene outside President Donald Trump’s Tulsa rally as “total chaos” as protesters took over the street outside the convention center as supporters attempted to leave.

The National Guard began to move in as the rally wrapped up and Trump supporters began to exit.
Total chaos outside Trump rally in Tulsa. Protesters gave taken over Boulder Ave

Police and National Guard are allowing this to continue
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The protesters antagonized Trump supporters as they attempted to leave and go to their cars.
BLM protesters continue to antagonize Trump supporters walking to their cars from Trump Rally in Tulsa
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InfoWars correspondent Owen Shroyer was reportedly evacuated from his vehicle after a mob threatened to kill him as he covered the protest.
Infowars' Owen Shroyer just had to be evacuated from outside the rally site in Tulsa because Black Lives Matter threatened to kill him
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