VIDEO: NBA Player Pummels Punk Rioter Who Smashed His Truck Windows

L.A. rioters decided to mess with the wrong block during their rampage on Sunday. One rioter, in specific, decided to smash out the windows in a truck. That truck happened to be owned by NBA guard J.R. Smith, who bolted out of his house to confront the scumbag. Smith proceeded to kick the crap out of the thug white kid, and threw a few punches for good measure.
Fortunately for us, it was all caught on video (note the SJW who tries to block people recording it, saying “respect his privacy”):

Smith went on the Pat McAfee show later on to talk about it. Turns out he had been playing video games all day and was unaware of the riots until a friend called him. Smith says he’s the only black dude on the block, and that’s the one person whose car they messed with. Oh the irony. He went on to condemn the violence, as many others have.

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