Arkansas daycare kicks child out for wearing Black Lives Matter shirt

A mother in Arkansas says her six-year-old daughter was kicked out of daycare for wearing Black Lives Matter shirts. The daycare says it’s not about race; it’s about keeping out political messages.
For six-year-old Journei Brockman, the living room takes the form of her old playground. But she says she misses the old one.
“Of course Friday she asked, ‘well, can I go back Monday?’ ‘No, you can never go back,'” said mother Deval Brockman.
A tough message to hear as a kindergartner. But her mom says the even harder one was the call she got from the school’s director over her daughter’s shirt.
“And, she was like, ‘Well, I don’t like it. I don’t agree with it, and I would prefer it if you didn’t send her to school in it again,'” said Deval Brockman.
She says she reported the issue to the state and was told, as long as there’s no profanity, she was in the clear.
“If I’m supporting something, I’m going to wear it,” said Deval Brockman. “My child is going to wear it, to help say that our voice needs to be heard.”
Journei went back to school last Friday in another Black Lives Matter shirt. But when Deval picked her daughter up — she says she was told her shirt was encouraging racism and was no longer welcome at the preschool.
“I got very upset cause I’m just like are you serious? Over a t-shirt?”
Though the directors of ‘His Hands’ refused an interview, they sent us a statement reading: “We feel a childcare environment is not a place for a parent’s political views to be addressed or played out, regardless of race.”
“It’s not political. It’s everyday life. It’s all over the news. Right is right. Wrong is wrong,” said Deval Brockman.
Deval says she will continue to teach her daughter the importance of equality and hopes this school will start doing the same.
“If you’re going to a Christian-led daycare, let’s abide by the Bible then. “
Brockman says she needs to find a new daycare. She says she’ll look for one where her daughter feels welcome.
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