Fox News Doctor Calls Out Political Hype of Coronavirus Resurgence: “The politics of fear”

Dr. Mark Siegel went on a rant tonight calling out the “politics of fear” going on to hype a coronavirus resurgence.
The doctor joined Lou Dobbs on Fox Business to explain what’s REALLY going on in hospitals.
The hospitals are full because there are now patients allowed for elective surgeries. Also, the coronavirus patients upend the normal operations at a hospital because they have to be quarantined.
Dr. Siegel says that Dr. Fauci is using the “politics of fear” and his numbers are not accurate.

The man that Lou Dobbs referred to is Alex Berenson who posted an email from a senior executive at a Texas ER chain explaining what’s really going on in hospitals:
The tweet from Berenson with all four screenshots is below:
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