Ted Cruz Under Investigation by American Airlines After GOP Senator Spotted without ‘Mandatory Face Mask’ While Drinking Coffee

American Airlines is investigating Senator Ted Cruz after the Texas lawmaker was photographed sitting in first class without a face mask on.
Tex Cruz was photographed on Sunday drinking coffee and looking down at at his phone without a face covering.
spox for Ted Cruz said the GOP Senator temporarily took off his face mask to drink his coffee.
“To help promote safety, Senator Cruz wears a mask when traveling, and practices social distancing where possible,” the statement read. “Consistent with airline policy, he temporarily removes the mask while eating or drinking.”

Ted Cruz was seen wearing a face mask in another photo.
However, the Democrat operative who posted the original photo of Ted Cruz lectured the public on how to drink coffee whilst wearing a mask.
“For those trying to argue that he was drinking, it’s not hard to have a mask on and undo one side to take a sip then put it back on. Most people take their time drinking coffee,” Hosseh tweeted.
Leftist overlords are now lecturing people how to eat, drink and wear a face mask.
American Airlines said it is investigating Ted Cruz.
The US Sun reported: In response to a customer questioning why Cruz wasn’t wearing a mask, American Airlines said: “We are committed to protecting the health and safety of all customers, and we are reviewing the details of this matter.”
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