Georgia Cops Open Fire on Kids Running Home to get Father after Traffic Stop

The 16-year-old teen who was driving told his younger siblings to get their dad after cops pulled them over.
Georgia cops opened fire on several children who were running home to get their father after the cops pulled them over Saturday, according to family members.
Fortunately, none of the children, ages 9, 12, 14, 15 and 16 were shot but police did pistol-whip the 15-year-old, leaving him with a bloody gash near his eye, according to his sister.
Waycross police confirmed they fired their guns but have not specified why they fired their guns which is an indicator they did not have a valid reason. They have also not said why pulled the car over in the first place.
The father of four of the kids, Dominique Goodman Sr., said they were returning home from Walmart when a Waycross cop began following them for several blocks. When they pulled into their neighborhood, the cops turned on their emergency lights.
The 16-year-old who was driving told his younger siblings in the backseat to get their father. The two younger siblings along with their 14-year-old friend stepped out of the car and began running which is when the shooting started.
The two older teens remained in the front seat but they were pulled out by cops who pistol-whipped the younger teen and may have even tasered him, according to their sister. Savanna Boyd also said their car was left with two bullet holes.
Goodman posted a video on Facebook repeatedly decrying the cops for shooting at his kids. At no time during the 10-minute video did police deny the allegations.
Waycross Police Chief Tommy Cox told the Waycross Journal-Herald that nobody was injured but the video shows blood on the 15-year-old boy's face while he is sitting in the back seat of a cop car.
Boyd said she had to call an ambulance for him because the cops refused.
It is not clear at this time if the Waycross cops had dash cams in their cars but they have been wearing body cameras since 2015 so hopefully they did not "malfunction."
According to News 4 Jax:
According to the three youngest children, who spoke with News4Jax, the officer didn’t turn his lights on to pull them over until they had pulled into their own neighborhood near Waters and Greenwood streets.
The 12-year-old said the older teens were scared and told the three youngest kids to jump out of the car and run home to get their father, but when they got out, the officer started shooting, the girl said.
The 9-year-old said at least seven shots were fired and one bullet whizzed by his head.
“It went past my face,” Sincere Goodman said. “I could have gotten shot in my face, but they shot the swing.”
Dominique Goodman Sr. said he heard the gunfire, which sounded close, and stepped outside to find the children running toward the house screaming for help.
“We go in the back, we open the door, we see my 9-year-old, my 12-year-old and a 14-year-old running from the police behind them with gunshots coming behind them,” Goodman said. “We go down the street and we see our 15-year-old and our 16-year-old on the ground.”
The Georgia Bureau of Investigations is at the scene investigating and said it will release more information later today.
Watch Goodman's shortened video above or the full video here.
UPDATE: The Georgia Bureau of Investigation released a statement with the police version of what took place.
Preliminary information indicates that on Saturday, August 8, 2020, at approximately 8:00 a.m, an officer with the Waycross Police Department observed a traffic violation at the intersection of Howe and Brunell Street.  The officer attempted to obtain the license plate information.  As the vehicle approached the area of Walters and Greenwood Street, three minors (ages 9, 12, and 14) exited the vehicle and ran off while the vehicle stopped.  A second officer responded to assist while the first officer followed the three minors in his vehicle.  As the second officer began to approach the vehicle from the front, the vehicle drove towards him.  The officer fired multiple times at the vehicle.  Two male minors (ages 15 and 16) exited the vehicle while it was still in drive. The vehicle came to a stop further up the road.  There was an altercation between the second officer and the 15-year-old male that had exited the vehicle.  The minor was eventually secured in handcuffs.  He was treated by EMS for minor injuries from the altercation.
We probably should have expected police to claim the teens were trying to run them over because that is always their excuse when they shoot at cars, somehow always finding themselves directly in the car's path.
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