Jemele Hill Says ‘Nazi Germany’ Learned From ‘Watching America’; Gets Crushed Online

On Sunday, Atlantic correspondent and former ESPN host Jemele Hill suggested the United States was “as bad” as Nazi Germany, adding that the slaughter of 6 million Jews was a learned behavior from Germany “watching America.”
“Been reading Isabel Wilkerson’s new book, ‘Caste,’ and if you were of the opinion that the United States wasn’t nearly as bad as Nazi Germany, how wrong you are,” she posted to Twitter. “Can’t encourage you enough to read this masterpiece.”
Hill has routinely ripped President Donald Trump, calling the Commander-in-Chief a “bigot” and a “white supremacist” back in 2017. Even after blowback, the former sports writer refused to apologize for her rhetoric, saying on a radio program that calling Trump a “white supremacist” is the same as “saying water is wet.”
The politico was immediately hit with backlash.
“Read a book,” suggested former Acting Director of National Intelligence and Ambassador to Germany Ric Grenell. “The Nazis murdered 6.5 million Jews.”
“Been reading Jemele Hill’s tweets, and if you were of the opinion that she’s smarter than a cactus, how wrong you are,” Daily Wire podcast host and author Matt Walsh mocked.
Author and psychology professor Geoffrey Miller posted a Twitter poll ripping Hill. “Is this one of the top 10 worst takes in the history of Twitter?” he asked. The “answer” options of his poll included, “Yes,” “No, but it’s pretty bad,” and “Not at all. This is fine.”
“Just the basic fact that you have a huge platform/make a solid living s***ing on the President and haven’t been locked in a labor camp says this is the complete opposite of Nazi Germany,” said Tim Young. “Grow up.”
The remark promoted Hill to note that she believes the U.S. was as bad as Nazi Germany, though it is not currently.
“Nowhere in my tweet did I say the current state of America is like Nazi Germany,” she wrote. “I was referring specifically to our racial history. The parallels have been pointed out by plenty of historians, not just Isabel Wilkerson. You tell me to grow up. I say, you need to read more.”
When faced with criticism from Arc Digital Editor-in-Chief Berny Belvedere, Hill doubled-down on her remarks, suggesting Adolf Hitler took a page from America.
“This is breathtakingly irresponsible,” Belvedere commented. “How is anyone supposed to trust your judgment after this horror show of an opinion?”
“What would you call it when a country that murdered millions of Jews learned their systems of genocide by watching America, and studying our history of racialized slavery, and great knack for racial terrorism?” Hill shot back.
Back in May, Hill took to social media to defend Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, a 77-year-old white male, over his comments regarding black Americans who, according to Biden, aren’t actually “black” if they haven’t already decided to vote for him in November over President Trump.
“The issue wasn’t what Joe Biden said, because it was accurate,” Hill wrote via Twitter. “The issue was that it came from Biden. It also was clearly a joke that didn’t land. But I’m wondering where all this outrage was yesterday when y’all president declared his public devotion to a Nazi sympathizer.”
“I don’t have a problem with the statement because he was clearly referring to this from a policy and track record standpoint. If you’re black and you support anti-black policies and positions, then that makes you …? You’re still technically black but you ain’t with us,” she later doubled-down.

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