UH-OH! Great News For Trump Campaign – Trump Leads Biden by 10 Points Among Independents

Hold On… President Trump is leading former Obama Vice President Joe Biden by 10 points in the latest polling by CBS.  This is huge and occurs even before the President has a chance to share his vision for America at this week’s RNC.

Newsmax reported yesterday CBS shows President Trump is way ahead of his opponent Sleepy Joe Biden in the all important Independent vote.
President Donald Trump holds a 10-point lead over Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden among independent voters, though Biden leads overall, according to the latest poll from CBS and YouGov.
According to the poll, which was conducted after the Democratic National Convention but before its GOP counterpart, Biden has a 10-point advantage over Trump among likely voters nationwide. Both candidates have almost universal support from likely voters in their parties, but Trump holds a 10-point lead over Biden among independent voters, though 11% still plan on voting for a third-party candidate.

  • Biden: 52% in total, 95% of Democrats, 37% of independents, and 5% of Republicans.
  • Trump: 42% in total, 3% of Democrats, 47% of independents, and 93% of Republicans.
The results of this poll indicates two things:
1. CBS’s polling is faulty.  Of course it is.  If President Trump is winning 10% of the Independent vote but losing to Joe Biden in their polling by 10%, this means CBS must oversampling Democrats in a very big and dishonest way (CBS did not supply this detail in its results) while undersampling both independents and Republicans in a major way.
2. President Trump must be way ahead in real polling – WAY AHEAD!  According to a recent Gallop poll in July,
32 percent of Americans identify as Democrats
39 percent of Americans identify as Republicans
And therefore the rest identify as Independents (29 percent)
Based on these numbers the results of a survey using a more accurate accounting for party affiliation would be something like this:
30 Democrats for Biden
37 Republicans for Trump
17 Independents for Trump

Trump is actually ahead by more than 10 percent using accurate sample sizes!  And this is before the RNC even started!

And now the really good news, during night one of the RNC…the Independents are in lock step with the GOP.

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