“What Kind of People Have We Become?” – POWERFUL! – Democrat Rep. John Deberry Goes Off on the Violent Black Lives Matter Mob (Video)

This was an amazing speech by Tennessee state Rep. John DeBerry, Jr. earlier this month on the growing violence of the Black Lives Matter movement.
Rep. DeBerry, Jr. blasted the violence of the Black Lives Matter movement and defended the police in this 10 minute speech on the Tennessee House Floor.
DeBerry, who also happens to be a pro-life minister, did not mince his words.
Rep. John Deberry was speaking out in favor of legislation that would raise penalties for assaulting or threatening law enforcement in the state.

It should come as no surprise the Rep. DeBerry, Jr. was ousted from his party earlier this year.
Rep. DeBerry has filed to run as an independent in his district.

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