Biden Gets a Round of Applause From Reporters After Answering Softball Question During Campaign Stop – Then His Handlers Swoop in and Shut it Down (VIDEO)

77-year-old Joe Biden on Monday traveled to Lancaster, Pennsylvania for a Labor Day campaign stop.
Feeble Biden rarely leaves his Delaware basement and when he does he stays close to home.
This is Biden’s 7th trip to Pennsylvania since June.
Biden sat down with representatives from Iron Workers, Pipefitters, AFGE and other unions.
‘Blue collar’ creepy Joe said he is “union from belt buckle to shoe sole.”
Media sycophants cheered and clapped after Biden answered one softball question about a Covid vaccine.
“You have to listen to the scientists,” said Biden after admitting he would take a Covid vaccine tomorrow if it was available.
“Okay thank you!” Biden said after answering one softball question.
Reporters broke out into a round of applause and cheered Biden as his handlers shooed away media and quickly shut it down.
“Come on guys! Let’s go! Let’s go!” Biden’s handler yelled at the gaggle of ‘reporters.’
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