Building Owner Pulls Out of Contract on Minneapolis Police Precinct Location after Black Lives Matter Thugs Vandalize Building then Threaten His Home


Black Lives Matter torch the 3rd Police Precinct in Minneapolis.

As we all know, burning down Minneapolis’ 3rd police precinct kicked off the nationwide leftist riots after George Floyd’s death.

Since that time, the 3rd precinct has been looking for a temporary home.

The plan to relocate the temporary 3rd precinct headquarters to a warehouse hit a snag this week.

First Black Lives Matter thugs vandalized the proposed warehouse location.  They threatened to burn it down.  And everyone knows they are good at burning things down.

Then Black Lives Matter threatened the building owner’s new home!

They didn’t stop at the proposed site though, so then BLM found out the warehouse owner was building a new house and they threatened to protest at that location, too. So now the owner has backed out of the lease.

Black Lives Matter vandalized the warehouse and threatened the owner of the property.

** A report released on Wednesday found damage from leftist riots this year will top $1 billion.
At what point will Black Lives Matter be declared a domestic terrorist group?

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