“Crazy Nancy”: Jim Cramer Goes There, Insults Speaker Pelosi to Her Face During CNBC Interview

CNBC host Jim Cramer went where no one in the media dares, calling out Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) during an interview Tuesday by using a rhetorical device against her that she uses to trash President Trump while claiming to have respect for the office of the presidency.
Jim Cramer: “Madam Speaker, I’m listening to you and I, three days you told CNN you were optimistic about a deal.”
Speaker Pelosi: “I am, but”
Cramer: “Really? I mean, I thought I taken right off the table right here off this very minute. You got Mark Meadow go and say he was the skunk at the party. He didn’t really, you know, he’s gotten in the way between you and uh, I think Secretary Mnuchin. I mean, what deal can we have, uh, Crazy Nancy? I’m sorry, I, that was the president. I, I have such reverence for the office I would never use that term. But it is hard …”
Pelosi: “But you just did.”
Cramer: “Oh, come on.”
Pelosi: But you just did.”
Cramer: “You know what I mean. You know what I mean.”
Pelosi: “I know what you meant. I do. I do.”
Cramer: “The reverence that I have for the office is so great.”
Video clip posted by The Recount:
Clip with lead-in:
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