FOX News Panel Melts Down After Newt Gingrich Correctly Calls Out Lawless Soros-Funded District Attorneys (VIDEO)


Truth is the new hate speech.

The FOX News panel on Outnumbered melted down on Wednesday after former Speaker Newt Gingrich accused George Soros of funding radical, lawless district attorneys across the country today. Many of these radical activist prosecutors are allowing the riots and vandalism in their communities. This is a fact.

The panel did not like Newt’s comments on the Soros-funded operatives in public office and shut him down.
This was bizarre.

The Columbia Bugle nailed it.

This is not new information or controversial information, not even from Fox.
The fact that George Soros donated to several radical, lawless district attorney races around the country is well documented.

Attorney General Bill Barr called out Soros for subverting the legal system and causing an increase in violent crime back in December!

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