Fred Weinberg: These 8 Non-PC Words Describe Breonna Taylor's Death

 Eight words completely describe the death of Breonna Taylor in Louisville:

Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

The “media” keeps getting a few “facts” from the Kentucky attorney general’s investigation wrong. We suspect that is the case because the real truth doesn’t fit the CNN narrative.

Fact number 1: While the warrant itself was a no-knock warrant, witnesses say the police announced anyway.

Fact number 2: Ms. Taylor’s boyfriend, the new boyfriend, upon seeing the door being breached, shot the officer who was entering the apartment.

That, of course, is not exactly new boyfriend Kenneth Walker’s story, but who are you going to believe — him or the black attorney general of Kentucky who led the investigation?

At best, Ms. Taylor had horrible taste in men. Her cause of death should probably have been listed as a felony murder which her “boyfriend” was responsible for.

At worst, she was not the Joan of Arc her family and their professionally racially aggrieved mouthpiece, Ben Crump, would like you to believe she was.

Crump for the family — and probably himself — extracted a $12 million “settlement” from the City of Louisville even before the grand jury finished its work. What the heck, the University of Louisville pays its head basketball that much in three years for comparison.

But she’s dead either way and the family is wholly undeserving of a payday as much as the Louisville basketball coach will make in three years.

What the public deserves is leadership that doesn’t shrink from a fight with the mere mention of the word “racist.”

This case is about a moron who fired a gun blindly at a police officer who had announced his presence. 

On what planet doesn’t this clown spend the rest of his pathetic life in prison?

Well, Jefferson County Commonwealth’s Attorney Tom Wine dropped the attempted murder charges against him and he is walking around free as a bird. Wine called for additional investigation of the case. 

Apparently nobody in Louisville has ever watched “Law and Order.”

This abortion of justice can only happen in an environment where people can get away with saying that you are automatically a “racist” if you are white.

I’m not writing in a First Amendment sense.

This is America. Everybody has the right to advocate for what they believe, no matter how stupid it is, no matter how false the underlying narrative is.

Stupidity is a cherished right of the stupid in America. Ask Joe Biden.

But I have great faith in America. We usually get it right. Ask Hillary.

Is there racism in the United States? Of course. Why? Because you cannot pass a law that says we have to be nice to each other.

We could go off into the weeds as to what we can do, but the truth is that we have already passed most of the laws that can be passed.

What’s next is that the beneficiaries of those laws have to stop complaining and take yes for an answer.

Successful people of all backgrounds and, yes, skin colors, take advantage of every opportunity and work their butts off to become successful. No work, little success.

Simply put, you cannot complain your way to the top, no matter who you are.

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