Hmm… John Brennan Tells MSNBC He’s “More Worried Today Than I Ever Have Been Before” for America’s Future


John Brennan joined MSNBC on Friday to bash President Trump.

This was after the Former Obama CIA Director was interviewed for eight hours in August by U.S. Attorney John Durham at CIA headquarters.

The far left political operative told Nicolle Wallace, “After listening to the public statements of Donald Trump and William Barr, especially over the last several days, I am more worried today than I ever have been before in the health and stability of our government.”

Rep. Devin Nunes, the hero who sought the truth and uncovered the coup attempt of President Trump, says that Obama’s former CIA Director John Brennan is hardly in the clear as far as the investigation into his wrongdoings goes.

Brennan has lied under oath about not including the Steele dossier into the Intelligence Community’s assessment of Russian collusion in 2017.  Brennan also has said publicly that all roads with Trump lead to Putin.

And it is now widely known that Brennan was running a secret task force to spy on candidate Trump during the 2016 election.

So it is no surprise this corrupt deep state agent is “worried” about the actions of AG Bill Barr and President Donald Trump!

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