Is Joe Biden OK? Biden’s Brain Freeze and Labored Breathing During Interview with MSNBC Raises Questions About His Health (VIDEO)


Biden had a major brain freeze on Friday evening during his interview with MSNBC.

77-year-old Joe Biden could barely speak on Friday as he gave an interview from his basement.

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle had to jump in and feed Biden his line because he could not recall a word.


Biden’s labored breathing raised eyebrows.

Joe Biden was breathing very heavily as he spoke about his ‘economic plan.’

This was difficult to watch.

Trump’s campaign asked, “Is Joe Biden ok?”


This is elder abuse.

Earlier this week Biden could barely make it to the podium, was panting to regain his breath and could barely speak at an event at the US Constitutional Center.

What is causing this labored breathing?

Biden must be in really bad shape because he started off Saturday morning by calling a lid...AGAIN.

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