“It is an Absolutely Appalling Travesty of Justice” – Sidney Powell Threatens to Bring General Flynn Case Immediately to Supreme Court (VIDEO)


Attorney Sidney Powell joined Lou Dobbs on Thursday to discuss the ongoing persecution of General Michael Flynn.

During her interview Sidney warned corrupt deep state Judge Emmet Sullivan she will bring the case to the US Supreme Court.

Attorney Sidney Powell: Well, Judge Sullivan is going to have to dismiss this case with prejudice. If he doesn’t the Supreme Court will because it is an absolutely appalling travesty of justice. And the court has only exacerbated it by its baseless and unprecedented ruling.

What an appalling chapter in US history.
Lou Dobbs added that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts should be ashamed of himself. 

Lou is right.
Where the hell is John Roberts as this innocent man continues to be persecuted by criminal leftist judges?

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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