Kamala Harris Travels to Miami to Pander to Latino Community as Biden Hides in His Basement (VIDEO)

Kamala Harris deplanes in Miami
Kamala Harris made a surprise visit to Miami on Thursday as Joe Biden hid in his basement bunker.
Joe Biden has a serious problem among Florida Hispanic voters.
According to a new poll conducted by Equis Research, a Democrat Latino research and data firm, Biden leads President Trump among Hispanics by 53-37 — Biden’s so-called 16 point lead over Trump is a whopping 11 points lower than what Hillary Clinton received in 2016 exit polls in Florida, a state she LOST to Trump.
The same poll also shows President Trump is ahead of his Florida Hispanic 2016 performance by 2 points.
Election Day is in less than two months and Biden is napping while Kamala Harris does the heavy lifting.
Joe Biden is exhausted after traveling to Michigan on Wednesday so he sent his younger running mate out to meet with voters.
Harris touched down in Miami earlier this afternoon.
Harris met with Venezuelans at a local restaurant in Doral, a city just outside of Miami with a large Venezuelan population.

Kamala Harris then sat down with black leaders in South Florida for a roundtable discussion.
Only 55,000 people watched her Periscope livestream.

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