LAUGHABLE: MSNBC Host Blames Trump Supporters For The Violence In Portland (VIDEO)

The radical left has been rioting in the city of Portland, Oregon for over 90 straight days.
Every single night, for three months, black-clad leftists have waged war with the police, tried to burn down the federal courthouse, and fired commercial-grade fireworks at the authorities.
Yet in the fantasy-land of MSNBC, host Nicolle Wallace has blamed Trump supporters for this.
The Washington Free Beacon reports:
MSNBC Anchor Blames Trump Supporters for Portland Violence
MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace on Wednesday blamed supporters of President Donald Trump for instigating violence on the streets of Portland.
“He’s playing to harden his faction of the electorate, to make them more mad, more afraid, more frothed up than they were four years ago, if you can fathom what that might look like,” Wallace said. “I think we’re seeing it on the streets of Portland and other places.”
Portland has experienced nearly 100 consecutive days of violent riots led by left-wing activists in the wake of George Floyd’s death. Last week anti-police activists broke into City Hall, set fire to a police association building, and assaulted officers in what the police declared a riot.
See the video below:

This is ridiculous. Nicolle Wallace is simply not operating in reality.

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