Louisville police officer blasted 'woke' BLM, Antifa as 'punks' in email to colleagues — and then was relieved of her command

A Louisville Metropolitan Police Department officer is under investigation for an email she sent in August to her colleagues, dismissing Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists as "punks" unworthy of their attention and respect, NBC News reported.

LMPD Maj. Bridget Hallahan sent the email to the department's Fifth Division, which she leads. Interim Chief Robert Schroeder told NBC News on Friday that Hallahan had been relieved of her command of the division.

Hallahan is set to retire effective Oct. 1.

"I know it is hard to keep our thoughts and opinions to ourselves sometimes, especially when we, as a whole or as an individual, become the target of people in the public who criticize what we do without even knowing the facts," Hallahan wrote. "These ANTIFA and BLM people, especially the ones who just jumped on the bandwagon 'yesterday' because they became 'woke' (insert eye roll here), do not deserve a second glance or thought from us.

"Our little pinky toe nails have more character, morals, and ethics, than these punks have in their entire body," she continued. "Do not stoop to their level. Do not respond to them. If we do, we only validate what they did. Don't make them important, because they are not. They will be the ones washing our cars, cashing us out at the Walmart, or living in their parents' basement playing COD ["Call of Duty"] for their entire life."

Hallahan went on to invite her colleagues to come to her if they needed to vent about their problems.

Hallahan's frustrated message was sent to her coworkers after months of anti-police protests in Louisville because of the killing of Breonna Taylor in March. Protesters wanted the three police officers charged for Taylor's death, and some wanted the defunding or abolition of the police department.

Ultimately, only one of the three officers was charged in relation to the raid on Taylor's home. Former Sgt. Brett Hankison was charged with wanton endangerment for recklessly shooting into the apartment building, the same offense for which he was fired from the department in June.

LMPD spokesman Sgt. Lamont Washington said the department was aware of the email and looking further into the matter. Schroeder emphasized that the content represented Hallahan's opinion, and "do not represent the views of their department."

Hallahan accepted responsibility for the email and stood by it, telling NBC News her fellow officers have been supportive.

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