Man Who Campaigns For Joe Biden Invited to CNN Town Hall – Then Cries as He Asks Biden Softball Question About Healthcare Workers (VIDEO)


77-year-old Joe Biden participated in a CNN town hall Thursday evening with host Anderson Cooper.

It’s a total joke.

Anderson Cooper began by asking Joe Biden a softball question about Trump’s Coronavirus response.

Anderson Cooper then called on a questioner who just happened to be a Democrat from Dunmore, Pennsylvania the same town Biden’s dad is from — what a coincidence!

“My dad’s from Dunmore!” said Biden.

Then this happened…

A man who actively campaigns for Joe Biden was invited to the CNN town hall and got to ask Biden a question — and his name also happens to be Joe!

Another coincidence!

Joe began to weep as he told Joe Biden about his hardships making under $15/hour working at a cancer center.

Joe cried as he explained that making minimum wage has forced him to resort to living off of a credit card with a 25% interest rate.

“I look up to you, and as a middle class healthcare worker, do you have any plans to stand up for us healthcare workers?” Joe asked Joe Biden.

Biden struggled through his answer and said $15/hour isn’t enough for people who ‘bust their necks.’ – ‘Go to my website for more information’ Biden added.

“All that Trump can see from Park Avenue is Wall Street. All he thinks about is the stock market,” Biden said.


Joe is pictured on his Facebook page smiling with Joe Biden. 

He also called Trump supporters “bigots” in a Facebook post.

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