Obama, Jeezy, Team Biden Focus on Black Voters as Trump Focuses on Killing Them


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Jeezy is not “young” anymore, and while could not verify the color of Jeezy’s Lamborghini or his rims, we can, unfortunately, confirm that his president is no longer Black.

To help rectify the situation and make sure that the next vice president is Black and the House, Senate and executive branch are blue, Barack Obama, Jeezy and others have teamed up with the Biden-Harris campaign in an all-out push to eject Donald Trump from the Oval Office. Although our sources say Team Biden declined to make “Atomic Dog” the official campaign anthem, even the Que Dawgs have decided to step for the Biden-Harris ticket.

Black voters are nearly five times more likely to be hospitalized for the coronavirus and twice as likely to die from COVID-19 than whites, according to the CDC. Black Americans are also 2.5 times more likely to be killed by police; twice as likely to be unemployed and receive prison sentences that are 20 percent longer than whites who commit the same crimes.

Former Forever President Barack Obama visited The Shade Room as part of the Biden Harris get-out-the-vote plan focusing on young, Black voters. While younger voters of every race are less likely to vote, in 2016, the turnout rate for young voters increased in every demographic except for Black millennials. 

Perhaps the man who curated the most diverse electorate in history could lend a hand.

“Right now, from the White House on down, folks are working to keep people from voting—especially communities of color,” said Obama in a clip for the popular Black gossip site. “That’s why it’s more important than ever to make your voice heard. We can’t leave anything to chance.”

While mean ol’ Trump has suggested extrajudicial killings for drug dealers, protesters and undocumented immigrants, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) took her mean shoe game to Raleigh, N.C., on Tuesday to deliver remarks at Shaw University—the first HBCU in the South—where the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee began its fight for civil rights some 60 years ago.

In a separate video for Young Black and Fabulous, a site whose audience is mostly Black and female, Harris reminded Black voters about the stakes of this upcoming election:

After her speech, Sen. Harris will meet with Black voters at a “Sister to Sister meets Shop Talk”—a roundtable discussion that has included such participants as Jeezy, Omega Psi Phi Grand Basileus Dr. David Marion and Actor Sean Michael Thomas, all of whom recently spoke to The Root about the importance of voting.

“I look at it as another weapon on my belt,” Jeezy told The Root, explaining that “Black issues” shouldn’t be centered around poverty and criminal justice. “We’re looking at the same issues white voters look at. They gon’ take my money anyway; I might as well have some say so.”

“Our campaign is focused on meeting voters where they are, outlining Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ plan to build back better, and encouraging them to vote, said Kamau Marshall, Biden’s director of strategic communication.

Marshall noted that Obama’s video is part of Biden’s wider plan to attract new voters and turn out Black Obama voters who sat out the 2016 election—especially Black men. While nearly all Black female voters chose Hillary Clinton in the previous election, some 14 percent of Black male voters cast ballots for Donald Trump.

The campaign is also pushing out a series of campaign ads featuring Black men. The campaign pieces were filmed in barbershops during the Shop Talk series and feature participants having real conversations about issues that are important to Black men.

Shop Talk - Criminal Justice Reform” focuses on America’s criminal justice system and its impact on Black men, while “Anthony J” addresses the concerns of Black business owners in the COVID-19 pandemic. Another ad titled “Malik” examines Black men living in Trump’s America.

“I look at voting as Black men’s duty to our communities and our families,” Dr. Marion told The Root. “It’s not necessarily supposed to be fun. It’s as much a duty as taking out the garbage. I don’t like doing it but if I don’t, I know my house will start to stink.”

“I believe that another four years of Trump will be disastrous for America,” added Sean Patrick Thomas. “But it will be especially bad for us. But we also need someone with experience who can undo the stuff he’s already done. That’s why I’m supporting Biden.”

“If you want to know why you need to vote, just look at this current administration,” added Michigan State Rep. Jewell Jones.

Now, that’s thug motivation 101.

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