Portland Antifa Are Actually Whiney Karens: Rioters Threaten to Report Apartment Dweller to Management for Egging Mob

 The Portland riots resumed Friday night after taking a break for a few days on the pretense of the West Coast wildfires to recover from fed raids swooping up Antifa and Black Lives Matter insurrectionists whom the progressive Portland district attorney refuses to prosecute.

Screen image via Justin Yau/Twitter.

The night did not go well for Antifa and BLM. In addition to new distraction and flanking tactics being used against them by law enforcement that resulted in arrests of nearly a dozen insurrectionists, the heroes of the Left were actually egged by a Portland apartment dweller apparently fed up with the riots.

In a video clip posted to Twitter by journalist Cory Elia, various angry, whiny male voices can heard screaming at someone as a strobe light is shined high up on the apartment building. A follow-up photo shows several eggs splattered on the sidewalk.

“Right up there!”

“Get a picture”

“F*** you!”

“You’re going against your lease you piece of sh*t”

“I’m reporting you in the morning! I got a picture. Thank you!”

“Yeah, we got a picture of you, you dumb motherf***er!”

A photo of the evidence:

Bonus video of the mass arrest posted to Twitter by journalist Justin Yau:

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