“That’s White Privilege, Karen! I’m on my G-Damn Period But Came Out Here” – Seattle BLM Mob Threatens White Woman in Car for Wanting to Drive Home


The Seattle Black Lives Matter mob was back out in the streets last night terrorizing their community.

Their latest tactic is to scream at whoever does not go along with their lawlessness about their “white privilege.”
If you’re a woman who just wants to drive home — you’re showing your white privilege!

At one point they harassed a local man for filming their march through his neighborhood.

Then the BLM radicals shut down traffic in a major intersection.

When one woman pulls out in an attempt to get the hell out of there the mob blocked the woman with their car and told her to watch her white privilege.

This is the modern day left terrorizing their community.
At what point will this Marxist hate group be classified a domestic terrorists organization?

Expect more of this if Democrats steal the election in November.

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