“We Hope the B*tch Dies!” – BLM Chants Against 31-Year-Old LA Sheriff Deputy and Mother After She is Ambushed and Shot in the Head — Try to Breach Hospital!(Video)

As Cassandra reported earlier–

A Black Lives Matter mob swarmed the hospital where two deputies were taken for treatment after being ambushed and shot.

They blocked doorways, threatened officers at the scene and attempted to force their way inside.
Two Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies, a man and a woman, are in surgery “fighting for their lives” after each was shot in the head during an ambush attack by lone gunman at a Metro station in Compton Saturday night.

The “activists,” who have widespread support from Democrat politicians and nearly every major corporation, did chants wishing death upon the officers after they arrived at the hospital.
The BLM mob was screaming “We hope the bitch dies!” at the police as they reached the hospital where the young mother and police officer was being treated.
The injured female police officer is a 31-year-old mother.
The protest mob tried to breach security and enter the hospital.
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