Biden Campaign in Panic Mode, Launches In-Person Canvassing One Month Before Election After Mocking Trump’s Ground Game


After criticizing the Trump camp’s ground game as ‘outdated,’ Biden’s camp has announced they will resume door-knocking (ballot harvesting?) one month before the election.

The Trump army has been working around the clock, knocking on millions of doors across the country.

However, for the last 3 months, Biden’s campaign staffers have mocked Trump’s army, saying “We don’t need to knock on doors to win. That’s the old way of doing things.”

Joe Biden, who has spent the majority of the campaign season hiding in his Delaware basement, has also relied heavily on virtual events and digital marketing.

AP reported:

After months of avoiding direct contact with voters because of the pandemic, Joe Biden’s campaign is about to launch door-to-door canvassing across several battleground states.

The decision comes amid growing concern from Democratic officials on the ground in key states who fear that Biden has been giving a significant advantage to President Donald Trump and his Republican allies, who have been aggressively courting voters at their doorsteps for months. The reversal also reflects a sense of rising urgency as polls tighten just a month before Election Day.

Literally 3 days ago, Biden’s rapid response director Andrew Bates mocked Trump’s canvasser.

What changed??

The internal polling must be really bad.

Or are they deploying an army of ballot harvesters?

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