Black Middle School Students Targeted in Racist TikTok Posts


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An investigation has been launched into a series of racist TikTok posts targeting Black students at a Fulton County middle school in Georgia.

According to AJC, Fulton County Schools police have launched an investigation into a student at Elkins Pointe Elementary, who was behind the posts. Sean Thompson, public information officer for Roswell police, told AJC they took an initial report in the case, and that the U.S Department of Homeland Security has gotten involved.

AJC obtained screenshots of the seven now-deleted written posts on TikTok that were sent from one account. Some of the posts include the names of three Black students who attend a different school, according to the writer.

One post starts with a call-to-action to the writer’s “fellow white people,” and uses a racial slur to describe Black people. In another post, also targeted at Black people, the writer says they want to “hang them all” and “burn there (sic) skin.”

Between Kyle Rittenhouse and shithead kids like this, I don’t want to hear someone give me the “racism is going to die out with old people” line ever again.

That argument is clearly dead, so please bury it.

The father of one of the students who was named told WSB-TV that his son is now scared to attend school when in-person learning returns. The father understandably remained anonymous to protect his son’s safety. He wants whoever was behind the posts to face criminal charges.

“If it was my son that did something bad, he would get in trouble,” the father told WSB-TV. “So I feel if someone does something wrong, legally, they should be held responsible.”

He also felt the posts were just another sign of the distressing times we’re living in.

“It tells me there’s a lot of division in this country still. Racism still exists, and they’re getting taught it at home,” he said. “Nobody’s born a racist. It’s getting taught at the house.”

Brian Noyes, Chief Communications Director for Fulton County Schools, sent a statement to AJC confirming the investigation had been launched and condemning hate speech.

“Hate speech must end,” the statement said. “Our country and community are changing and challenging this type of behavior. Fulton County Schools is working to foster a positive and respectful environment that embraces the strength inherent in our diversity.”

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