BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: The ‘Agitator’ Involved in Murder of Trump Supporter in Denver, Jeremiah Elliot, Is Connected to Satanists


Jeremiah Elliott, the agitator who stirred up the mess in Denver that led to the murder of the Trump supporter two weeks ago has connections to Satanists.

All initial reports indicated that the murder of a Trump supporter in Denver two weeks ago was due to a conflict between Antifa and conservatives, but the Denver Police later issued a statement saying that the shooter did not have any ties to the militant leftists.

But as we previously pointed out, the shooter had numerous anti-Trump and radical left posts on his social media.

Mathew Dolloff, is missing on the Colorado list of Registered Security Guards in Denver. More people overnight have reported this same observation.

We showed pictures from the event where Keltner and Dolloff face off and have provided a video of the event:

A guy in a Black Guns Matter shirt was out stirring up trouble after the event with the Trump supporters in Denver was over. He started screaming and trying to get others into a fight:

The man’s name is Jeremiah Elliott. He’s one of the leaders of the Denver area Antifa-Black Lives Matter (BLM) insurgents. This is the guy that was starting all of the fights. As you can see, the Denver Post photographer, Helen Richardson, is always right next to him capturing the action. He was involved in multiple previous assaults and was arrested several times by the Denver PD.

Elliott was involved in a fight at Bernie rally in February of 2020.

Here is a video of Elliott’s fight at the Bernie event:

On June 23, 2020, Elliott was leading a takeover of the Denver City Counsel meeting demanding to defund the police. Elliott was arrested on July 3, 2020, at a Denver Antifa-BLM event. Elliott was still around after all the violence he has incurred to date and instigated a fight with Lee Kelter who then stepped away and was attacked and shot dead by Mathew Dolloff.

Here is a composite by Yaacov Apelbaum of the many events related to Jeremiah Elliott:

Per a more in depth review of Jeremiah Elliot, we found out that he was reportedly later arrested at the same rally as the shooting:

We also uncovered that Elliott is connected to Satanism – per an analysis of the people he hangs out with and their common activities:

None of this comes as a surprise.  The people who want to destroy America are not good people.  You could even say they’re evil.

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