LIES AND ELECTIONEERING: Biden Campaign Says Twitter’s Reaction to NY Post Hunter Biden Bombshells Proves It’s “False and Not True”


The New York Post dropped its second major report on Hunter Biden’s emails on Tuesday. The Hunter Biden emails reveal how Hunter Biden worked to cash in big on China and to withhold money for his dad!

Joe Biden was IN ON IT!

In response to these devastating reports Twitter censored and banned several Trump accounts including White House spokesperson Kayleign McEnany and the Team Trump account.

This is electioneering!

Jamal Brown plays defense for Team Biden

On Thursday morning the Biden Campaign came out and lied about the emails.

Biden Campaign Spokesman Jamal Brown told MSNBC, “Twitter’s response to the actual article itself makes clear that these purported allegations are false and are not true.”

There you have it!
The Biden Campaign is using Twitter’s censorship as “proof” that the email reports from Hunter Biden’s campaign are “false and are not true.”

Twitter and the Biden Campaign are working together, along with the mainstream media, to lie to the American public and hide the truth from voters.

It’s just too bad Republicans are TOO WEAK to confront this most important issue — The Right to Free Speech in America.

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