Violent Attacks On Trump Supporters Increase In Days Leading Up To The Election

 At every turn, liberals will relentlessly preach “tolerance” and “peace” for everyone, but it’s all lies, as the same people who claim to believe in that are the ones out on the streets verbally and physically attacking fellow Americans because they happen to support the United States president.

According to Fox News, there’s a growing — and scary — problem of attacks on supporters of President Donald Trump, with a recent string of documented attacks proving that it’s spiraling out of control as we near the November 3 election.

As a matter of fact, it’s such a massive issue that Trump’s campaign recently weighed in on the matter, expressing concern for their millions of supporters who have to face fear of violent reprisal if they choose to publicly support the president with something as simple as a flag or a MAGA hat.

“No one should be attacked for peacefully showing their support of the president, and all Americans, regardless of their political affiliation, should be disgusted by this type of unprovoked violence,” a spokesperson for the Trump campaign said this week.

Making matters worse, in virtually every occurence of Trump supporters being attacked by liberal Antifa thugs, the violence is completely unprovoked.

The latest round of attacks on otherwise peaceful Trump supporters happened at a massive “Jews For Trump” rally that took place throughout various parts of New York City. Thousands of Trump supporters gathered to show their support in the days leading up to the election, only to be met with disgusting behavior by groups of violent, Trump Derangement Syndrome-ridden thugs.

A family of seven were attacked with pepper spray by anti-Trump demonstrators simply for taking part in the pro-Trump caravan. Police officers were also attacked during the rally.

So, it’s really no wonder that according to a recent poll, reported by Fox News, that a large number of Trump’s supporters feel as though they’re forced to hide their support for America’s 45th president.

A recent University of New Hampshire Survey Center poll indicated that a majority — more than 60 percent — of Trump supporters refuse to place yard signs or stickers on their vehicles that show their support for the president for fear of being unfairly targeted.

In that same poll, over 40 percent of Trump supporters still, to this day, keep their support for the president under wraps around family members, co-workers and friends.

There is a silver lining in those numbers, however. I’m sure you’ve heard, especially in recent weeks, just how far ahead Joe Biden is in the polls, right? Well, the president and his surrogates routinely mention the power of America’s “Silent Majority” because it’s quite real — just ask Hillary Clinton.

Come election day, America’s Silent Majority will once again rise to the occasion and re-elect President Trump to a second term and because of that, unfortunately, Americans who support the president will need to be on full alert, as there is no telling how the nutty, mentally unstable liberal left will react.

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