EPIC! Watch Lou Dobbs BERATE Young FOX News Hack on Live TV After He Minimized and Mocked GOP Hearing in Pennsylvania (VIDEO)


On Wednesday Pennsylvania Republicans held a live press conference on national TV with several witnesses who testified to the obvious and endemic election fraud in this year’s presidential election in the Keystone State.

On Wednesday night Lou Dobbs ran segments from the explosive hearing on the complete election fraud that took place in the state.

But today after Lou Dobbs introduced the segment FOX News reporter David Spunt ran a completely biased piece on today’s events

Spunt completely minimized the explosive hearing, insisted Trump supporters were chanting “2024”, which is completely unlikely, and then said the state’s votes were already certified by Governor Wolf.
Spunt is part of the NEW FOX News — the new liberal Trump-hating network.

Following Spunt’s display Lou Dobbs berated the young hack on live TV.

Never change, Lou Dobbs!

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