Liberal Media Now Fantasizing About Criminally Prosecuting Trump If He Doesn't Win Second Term

 As the mainstream media continues to beat the “Joe Biden won!” drum and declare him the “president-elect” even though there are widespread allegations of voter and ballot fraud across several key swing states, some anti-Trumpers in the dark realms of liberal media are already fantasizing about Trump being criminally prosecuted come January 21.

A recent piece published at Vice lays out what I guess they believe is a compelling argument for Biden, should he be handed the keys to the White House, and his Department of Justice to move forward on criminal charges against Trump.

“Defeat in this election marks the beginning of the end for his company and the loss of his finances,” disgraced former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen told VICE News. “It could mean incarceration for him, his family members or certain executives at the Trump Org.”

Cohen also seemed to suggest that Trump worries 24/7 about the possibility of being criminally prosecuted and believes that Trump’s primary reason for winning a second term is so that he’ll have another four years of protection against such actions.

Both Sen. Kamala Harris and Biden have made suggestions in the past that Trump should face increased scrutiny once his time in the Oval Office has passed.

Prosecute him for what, you might be asking right now? Me, too.

Biden even admitted that making such a move might “not very … good for democracy to be talking about prosecuting former presidents.”

The fantasy piece went on to essentially claim that there are mountains of evidence against the president that could be used in criminal prosecution, much of it centering around his personal finances and business empire.

“I think that the most likely criminal charges Trump faces are those relating to his finances currently under investigation by the Manhattan DA,” claimed former federal prosecutor Barbara McQuade.

Cohen added to that, predicting that the president is in massive trouble should he lose his chance at a second term.

“Trump needed this election like people need oxygen to stay alive,” Cohen said. “A plethora of litigation will now ensue. This was not only a political death, but the end of Trump’s business, his finances and possibly his freedom.”

The piece quoted Rebecca Roiphe, a former Manhattan DA who stated the obvious, saying that any charges against Donald Trump would carry monumental repercussions and should be “ironclad,” given his popularity among 70 million Americans.

“They might bring a hard-to-prove case against a different person, but it would be very risky in this situation. I assume that if the DA seeks charges, the proof will be overwhelming.”

What the piece doesn’t spend much time on is the fact that Democrats have spent untold amounts of time and resources — and anonymous sources — in multiple attempts to legally hamstring the president and ended up laughable, complete failures each and every time. That even includes an impeachment attempt.

Go ahead and try hanging him up again, but I’m pretty confident in predicting that any attempts will end the way every other investigation did — with a embarrassing, hard thud.

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