Mom Left in Tears After Reading Notes from FedEx Driver and Seeing Gift for Son

 Even though we love to hear about high-profile celebrities doing something kind and generous for another person, it’s more often the ordinary, everyday people living their lives who decide to sprinkle in a bit of kindness.

Most of their stories are quietly appreciated by the recipients, but with the popularity of social media, we can get a glimpse into the kindness shown in other people’s lives.

On Sunday, Coledo Cleo Wheeler shared a story of generosity that touched her family in Ohio thanks to the watchful eye of their FedEx driver who’s in the business of delivering kindness.

“I’m really not sure where to begin,” she began.

Wheeler explained that she’d gotten home and didn’t even notice the brand-new basketball hoop, assuming in passing that it was their old one, which she described as “in really rough shape but still usable.”

But there was a bit of a display on her front porch that grabbed her attention right away.

“As I walked up on the porch I noticed the ball and the instruction manual to the hoop. I didn’t know where either came from. I came in I sat down and started to read the two letters attached. I instantly started crying. Come to find out a random act of kindness had happen at our home.”

The note was signed by a person named “Aubrey.” Next to the name was a short explanation: “Just one of the FedEx drivers for the area.”

Wheeler realized she knew who the driver was — the individual had spoken with her previously and must have seen how often her son played with the old, broken-down hoop.

“She has come around here when Eli and his friends would be playing basketball,” Wheeler wrote. “Or Dan and I out shooting some hoops with him. She saw Eli cutting the grass one day. Told us it was awesome to start them young.”

Wheeler wasn’t the only one who cried at the unexpected outpouring of generosity.

“Elijah did not know until he came home from his dad’s we kept this a secret,” she continued. “We showed him and told him who it came from. He knew exactly who Aubrey was. He started crying. Instantly he was ready to play some basketball needless to say. LOL.

“What an awesome amazing thing that she did for him out of pure kindness.”

But the kindness didn’t stop there.

On the owner’s manual for the new system, Aubrey had written, “Wasn’t sure if you wanted sand, or water, in the base so you’ll need a good amount of weight though to keep it from falling over.”

The next day, the family came home to find sandbags for the base.

“There are very much still good people in the world,” Wheeler concluded. “I’m going to have elijah write her a letter and also get her a thank you card for the next time that we see her come through. Thank you Aubrey. You made his day. Can’t wait to see you come thru, I owe you a world of thanks.”

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