Stabbing Reported in DC As Proud Boys and Antifa Clash in Streets of Nation’s Capital

 One person was reported to have been stabbed in clashes between Antifa and the Proud Boys in downtown Washington, D.C. Saturday night. The victim was reportedly taken to a hospital with critical injuries. The clashes came after Antifa staged multiple attacks in the early evening on Trump supporters, including children, the elderly and Black Trump supporters, after the Million MAGA March had dispersed.

Image of stabbing scene via Darcy Spencer/Twitter.

Rumors are going around about the incident, but there is no firm reporting on which side, Antifa or Proud Boys, did the stabbing.

Excerpt from WRC-TV report:

…One person was stabbed when a fight broke out between two large groups at 10th Street and New York Avenue NW about 8:30 p.m., a spokesperson for D.C. Fire and EMS said. Medics took the person with critical injuries to a trauma center, the spokesperson said.

Fire officials said the fight was related to the ongoing protests. Authorities have not given any information yet about a possible suspect in the stabbing. D.C. police said they have responded to numerous reports of fights between protesters downtown.

There is video of an alleged switchblade knife being taken from a female Black Lives Matter terrorist who had reportedly been knocked out by Proud Boys.

Video shows the Proud Boys talking about “cleaning up the city tonight” and chanting, “F*** Antifa!”

Videos of fights between Antifa and the Proud Boys:

Earlier on the day, before the Antifa-Black Lives Matter attacks began, there were a reported ten arrests.

UPDATE on arrests:


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