California Cities Strike Back: Beverly Hills Leads The Charge In Resisting Draconian Lockdowns

You know things are getting bad when residents of the liberal paradise of California band together to fight for freedom as the state’s governor and city leaders slam business owners with disgustingly harsh new lockdown rules in the name of mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

According to Breitbart, that fight for freedom is taking place right this moment, with the Beverly Hills City Council seemingly leading the charge by voting on Wednesday to pass a resolution that would reject the recent Los Angeles County Department of Public Health order that would ban outdoor dining.

Like many other cities in America, outdoor dining is literally the last lifeline for tens of thousands of restaurants and bars who have struggled to stay afloat over the past nine months, as Democratic governors slapped cities with potent restrictions.

The resolution requires that a public health order be based on data related to “a particular industry, sector, or area and not be applied unilaterally to every jurisdiction in LA County,” a demand that any reasonable person, in the government or on the street, would agree to.

Blanket shutdowns in large population areas that span multiple jurisdictions are harsh, unfair, and are a gross overreach in power. Quite frankly, it’s a very lazy maneuver, too.

The order banning outdoor dining won’t expire until December 20, ruling out virtually any chance struggling restaurants have of surviving another shutdown period, as outdoor dining — especially in warmer climates — has kept many establishments alive, barely.

The original lockdown order was announced last week and can be seen below:

West Covina Mayor Tony Wu summed up the issue with a simple, rhetorical question.

“Now, you shut it down again. Tell me how many businesses can survive?” Wu asked.

The issue has spiraled out of control, with some California cities within the lockdown area seeking to form their own public health departments or, at the very least, contract with health departments other than Los Angeles County.

“The county, with this ban has come in and done a one-size-fits-all, rather than a scalpel to take care of the situation,” said Whittier Mayor Joe Vinatieri.

This is a good start, but until these city councils who still believe in freedom ALL come together and fight back against the Los Angeles County monster, it’s going to be a rough ride for small business owners. That’s not to mention the possibility of even stricter restrictions if Joe Biden manages to take the White House.

We applaud Beverly Hills and the other cities in the Los Angeles area who are obviously sick and tired of letting Democratic leaders go on wild power trips. The time to fight back is now.

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